News Notes for June 10, 2014

HAVE A GREAT SUMMER! The school website at has the complete calendar, general school news and posts from the teachers and principal. NEW STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS ELECTED:  … [Read more...]

June 5, 2014.

The last weekly homework packet is due tomorrow! Read: 20 minutes Handwriting: Thursday Practice Science: Astronomy Writing Prompt I have asked the third graders to please bring in one … [Read more...]

Fri., May 16

Class/Homework: We had an extra recess as part of a class reward Science:  Computer lab: Atoms,  stages of matter,  Text pg. C-8: answer the red check question with your notes Religion: … [Read more...]

News Notes for May 13

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION – Congratulations to our students who made their First Holy Communion on Saturday. May God bless each of you! WALK OF PEACE:  Our annual Walk-a-thon, this year called the Walk … [Read more...]

Middle School Math, May 8, 2014

Grade 6: New IXL: Z.22, Z.23,Z.24,Z.25 and Z.27 This IXL will be due May 20th. Grade 7 Pre-Algebra: Text pg. 360 problems 1-10. New IXL: L.1 - L.6 Due May 25. Grade 8 Algebra: New IXL: AA2 - … [Read more...]

Monsignor Mulcahy Golf Tournament

The annual OLA Monsignor Mulcahy Golf Tournament took place this Monday, and was a big success!  It was a beautiful day and a productive fundraiser for the school.  Monsignor traveled around the … [Read more...]

8th grade ELA

Vocabulary: Test on lessons 25 and 26/ Thursday … [Read more...]

April 8, 2014

Homework for tonight: Spelling page 100 Math 9.5 Quadrilaterals Read 20 minutes Handwriting practice Tuesday … [Read more...]

Grade 2

Just a reminder that book orders are due tomorrow. Books make great Easter gifts! … [Read more...]

7th grade ELA

Vocabulary: pages 157 -158 English: Workbook page 94; text- chapter review page 162; 8.1 -8.5; test on this section will be Friday Writing: Opinion essay; please write the rough draft of the … [Read more...]

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