News Notes for June 10, 2014

HAVE A GREAT SUMMER! The school website at has the complete calendar, general school news and posts from the teachers and principal. NEW STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS ELECTED:  … [Read more...]

June 5, 2014.

The last weekly homework packet is due tomorrow! Read: 20 minutes Handwriting: Thursday Practice Science: Astronomy Writing Prompt I have asked the third graders to please bring in one … [Read more...]

Fri., May 16

Class/Homework: We had an extra recess as part of a class reward Science:  Computer lab: Atoms,  stages of matter,  Text pg. C-8: answer the red check question with your notes Religion: … [Read more...]

News Notes for May 13

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION – Congratulations to our students who made their First Holy Communion on Saturday. May God bless each of you! WALK OF PEACE:  Our annual Walk-a-thon, this year called the Walk … [Read more...]

Middle School Math, May 8, 2014

Grade 6: New IXL: Z.22, Z.23,Z.24,Z.25 and Z.27 This IXL will be due May 20th. Grade 7 Pre-Algebra: Text pg. 360 problems 1-10. New IXL: L.1 - L.6 Due May 25. Grade 8 Algebra: New IXL: AA2 - … [Read more...]

8th grade ELA

Vocabulary: Test on lessons 25 and 26/ Thursday … [Read more...]

April 8, 2014

Homework for tonight: Spelling page 100 Math 9.5 Quadrilaterals Read 20 minutes Handwriting practice Tuesday … [Read more...]

Grade 2

Just a reminder that book orders are due tomorrow. Books make great Easter gifts! … [Read more...]

7th grade ELA

Vocabulary: pages 157 -158 English: Workbook page 94; text- chapter review page 162; 8.1 -8.5; test on this section will be Friday Writing: Opinion essay; please write the rough draft of the … [Read more...]


Today Mrs. Groff taught the "Touching Safety" class. Ask Your child what was discussed.  Your child might mention passwords and safe people. They also talked about what to do if they get lost or a … [Read more...]

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