From the Desk of the Principal…February 2,  2021



Catholic School's Week Logo

Today we recognize our Students for Catholic Schools Week:

Prayer for our Students

Christ our Teacher,

You dwell deep within each of  our students:

In those who struggle academically,

And in those who excel; 

In those who seek attention by acting out, and in those

Who remain silent and try to hide from notice;

In those surrounded by friends, 

Give us the grace to know your presence in each of 

Them and to respond to their needs as you would to 




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Fun Activities at OLA Sponsored by Our Student Council

January 31 - Sunday: Parish - Student Council members will make posters thanking the OLA Parishioners for their support of our school.

Feb. 1 - Monday: Community - Kiet Nguyen created a prairie for our community to be read at school SBHS and OLA Church.

Feb. 2 - Tuesday: School- Student Council will sponsor a relaxed dress day students will wear school colors (Blue and White) and participate in an OLA Trivia game.

Feb. 3 - Wednesday: Nation - Student Council will organize our students to write to a Catholic School St. Thomas Aquinas School in Fairfield, Connecticut about their experience in school during the Pandemic and their experiences at their Catholic School.  

Feb. 4 - Thursday: Vocations- Student Council will make “Thank you” Cards to the Priest & Deacons of our parish.  Student Council members will give a short presentation about vocations to each class.

Feb. 5 - Friday: Faculty/Staff - Student Council will make that day special for each Faculty & Staff member. 

Feb. 6- Saturday: Family - Student Council will recognize all OLA families with a card designed by Laya Intenzo to go home on Friday.

Tony & Gina unpacking Amazon packages

"Fund the Classroom" for Catholic Schools Week!

Thank you Parents for smiling on OLA Teachers with Amazon Smile.  The packages are being delivered daily.


APA Board Corner:

 Our next restaurant fundraiser is Wood Ranch (tomorrow) February 3.  This establishment requires us to bring in the flyer.  We will send home the flyers on Feb. 2 with students in the Brown Envelopes.  

The APA Board thanks you all for supporting our school.

cartroon secretary

Office Hours: The best times to conduct school business in the office are 8:30 to 12:00, 12:40 to 2:15, and 3:00 - 3:30.  Please do not come in during dismissal.  We are calling students for pick-up and are unable to give you uninterrupted attention.  

Access Book on cell phone

Axxess Books: There’s no printed book, For 2021, instead of printing on 47 tons of paper, now all merchant offers will be exclusively found on our updated website and mobile app! One membership now includes both Santa Barbara and Ventura County Merchants. You’re getting two memberships for the price of one!

Here is the website:

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Register for EDC~ Please contact the school for a registration packet.



If your VIRTUS certificate expired or will expire in January 2020 - December 2020, you may recertify by requesting an OPTION #3 certificate, if you have completed all your VIRTUS continuing ed bulletins.  If you are not current on your bulletins or you do not already have a VIRTUS Online account, you may recertify by completing an online class. Contact for more information.