Fundraising Activities at OLA

2019-2020 APA Board Fundraising Activities

The Our Lady of the Assumption APA Board is charged with helping raise needed funds each year to support the programs and activities that enrich our children’s Catholic education at OLA School. Tuition and fees paid to the school do not cover all of the costs associated with running the school. The support by, and efforts of, OLA school families greatly assist Principal Karen Fussell in meeting many financial challenges.


We wanted to provide incoming families with a description of what is expected as part of your family’s fundraising obligation to OLA School during the school year:


Volunteer 30 hours during the school year – Required Participation*

A few examples of earning parents include lunch duty, helping out in the classroom/homework review, Art Trek, coaching a sport and assisting with our fundraising events (see below).


If 30-hour obligation is not met, each family will be charged $15.00/hour for the difference up to a maximum of $450.00.


Families keep track of hours worked and complete log detailing volunteer activity; time must be submitted on the OLA School website.


Annual Auction & Dinner Dance – Saturday, March 28, 2020

Sell a minimum of 10 $10.00 raffle tickets - Required Participation

Donate $25.00 gift card and silent/live auction items

Attend an event - Optional but Highly Recommend Participation

APA Fundraising Goal: $75,000


Poker & Bunko Night – Date: (TBD) Optional Participation

APA Fundraising Goal: $10,000


Father/Daughter Dance & Mother/Son Event (TBD) Spring 2020 -Optional Participation

APA Fundraising Goal: $2,500


Each family should be responsible for bringing in or helping to raise approximately $350 over and above tuition payments. The following is a brief explanation of what it will cost a school family for meeting the minimum but required fundraising requirements for the 2019-2020 school year:


Fall Movie Raffle Tickets:                                                             $40.00

(if buying personally rather than sell to family/friends)


Annual Auction Raffle Tickets:                                                      $100.00

(if buying personally rather than sell to family/friends)

Annual Auction Gift Card & Donated Item:                                  $25.00 (ea.)

Annual Auction Dinner Tickets (for 2):                                          $160.00 (est.)


Volunteer Hours (30 hours @ $15/hour)*                                       $450.00



*While we would rather our families put in some “sweat equity” and volunteer their time to the school and the fundraising events, we recognize the challenge this can be for some families to meet the time obligation. Paying for the hours at $15.00 is allowed. This can also be accomplished by purchasing up to $150 in Scrip gift cards, which can account for no more than 10 of the 30-hour volunteer requirement.