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Schoolwide Learning Expectations


Graduates of Our Lady of the Assumption School will be STARS who:

   Show and Live their Faith

  • Make moral choices based on Gospel values

  • Demonstrate essential basic knowledge of the Catholic faith and church


  • Actively participate in parish life through liturgical services and the


  • Recognize the goodness and worth in self and others

  • Foster an atmosphere of love, peace, and respect for the sacredness of

    human life

    Think Critically and Work Cooperatively

  • Display good manners and courtesy

  • Seek constructive advice for self-improvement

  • Work cooperatively with peers and others

  • Display knowledge of current events and global and their impact

    Actively Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Acquire knowledge to make informed choices

  • Demonstrate sportsmanship

  • Practice good daily hygiene

  • Participate in physical activity to the best of his/her ability

    Respect Themselves and Others

  • Show appreciation for and participate in the fine arts

  • Model tolerance by respecting and appreciating diversity

  • Be a good steward to the earth and respect all life

    Study and Learn

  • Approach problem solving using critical thinking skills

  • Utilize essential reading and comprehension skills

  • Follow written and oral directions

  • Use technology to gather and present information and express ideas

  • Apply study skills effectively

  • Matriculate into a Catholic high school