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Public Health Guidance for Schools

Safety Measures for the Our Lady of the Assumption School Community

Keeping our School Community safe is our first priority.  We believe that by following the guidelines offered by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the Ventura Department of Public Health (VDPH) we will be able to achieve that goal.  

For our campus, we are requiring all people coming on our campus to wear masks for the protection of our unvaccinated younger students and faculty/staff.  Students have the option to take off the mask during morning recess and lunch.  When students leave the campus they may take off their masks.  We will continue this practice until further guidance from the CDPH and VDPH.  We will continue our cleaning  & hygiene protocols outlined in the school’s waiver. 

If a student is required to quarantine, parents, are advised to contact their teacher for the work. Teachers may utilize several options to enable students to keep up with classwork.  If in the unfortunate event we need to quarantine a whole class, the teacher will conduct all lessons over Zoom during that quarantine period.