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Assumption Parent Association Board


Our Lady of the Assumption School is supported by the Assumption Parents Association, a fundraising group that plans fundraisers and classroom activities. The Assumption Parents Association has as its purpose to:                                   

  1. Assist the school principal in the administration of the school through fundraising and/or such other voluntary help as required.
  1. Assist the teachers in acquiring classroom needs for improving  the education of the children.
  2. Providing for the welfare of the children attending Assumption School by whatever means are available to the Association.
  1. Assist in maintaining a high quality of education at OLA School.


The APA operates as a nonprofit organization, and does not control the policies or the administrative functions of Assumption School.


Members must be the parent or guardian of a child attending Our Lady of the Assumption School. Board members are elected annually, and meetings are held monthly throughout the school year.


Major annual activities of the Board include coordinating room parent activities in all grades, providing hospitality to new parents and guests to school events, and raising funds to support the school. These include Read-A-Thon, Book Fair, Walk-A-Thon, Golf Tournament and Dinner Auction.