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Welcome to Our Lady of the Assumption Preschool in Ventura

where all are welcome!

Our Mission

Our Lady of the Assumption Preschool in Ventura commits itself to provide an education based on Catholic values and academic excellence in a loving, caring, and safe environment, in partnership with the parents who are the foremost educators of their child.

Philosophy and Curriculum

Our Lady of the Assumption Preschool in Ventura believes that a program should work both with the needs of the children and their families. Every child is entitled to learn in a loving, caring, and safe environment; one which nourishes their spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual, and physical development.

By providing children the opportunities for hands-on experience through center-based activities and to explore their environment freely, we enable them to learn through play and to strengthen all areas of development. The children learn about God’s love through weekly chapel lessons, prayer, songs, bible stories, the monthly bible verse calendar, and through daily interactions with adults and peers.

Our curriculum is based on developmentally appropriate practices. Through free play in centers, age-appropriate art, small group, story time, outside time, and music and movement activities, the children learn about the world around them, in a way that they understand and can relate to in their world.

We incorporate learning centers which include the following:

  1. Blocks
  2. Art
  3. Science
  4. Manipulatives
  5. Housekeeping
  6. Library
  7. Writing
  8. Outdoor Area

Our centers allow the children to freely explore their environment. This enables them to interact with a variety of children and adults throughout the morning.

The preschool day is extended into the home environment by using our take-home library and “Today’s Questions” located in the daily email. Children are welcome to check out a preschool library book each school day. Also, the “Today’s Questions” section of the daily email gives the parents an opportunity to learn more about their child’s day by asking the open-ended questions provided. Included with the questions are the answers to each question. The school-to-home activity helps the child openly express all they did at preschool that day. It provides a feeling of self-worth because the family is actively involved in the child’s day.

Mixed-Age Program

OLA Preschool consists of one classroom with children ages three to five years old. Mixed-age grouping encourages helping, working, playing, and cooperating with other children of different developmental stages. The younger children learn from the older children, and the older children gain responsibility and leadership skills, along with modeling positive social behavior.

Program Hours

8am to 12 noon

We offer three schedules:

Monday through Friday



Extended Daycare Hours

Extended daycare hours are available on days of preschool enrollment. We have three options to choose from.

  1. Early Drop-off Only/7:30 to 8am
  2. Daily Extended Hours/7:30 to 8am and 12:00 to 6pm
  3. Stay-n-Play Only/12:00 to 2:30pm

Children bring a nutritious lunch and beverage. Naps are optional.

Call Our Lady of the Assumption Preschool in Ventura for more information and to schedule a tour at 642-7198, extension 213.