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Maureen Schiemann » Welcome to Seventh Grade!

Welcome to Seventh Grade!

Welcome to Seventh Grade!  

I grew up in Camarillo and attended St. Mary Magdalene Church and Adolfo Camarillo High School. After graduating high school, I attended Ventura College and then transferred to San Jose State University and graduated in 1987 with a degree in Advertising and Marketing. I married my husband Sean in 1986 in the chapel at St. Mary Magdalen's. After working in that field for a few years, we had our first son, and I decided to stay home and raise him. My family moved to Carpinteria, to be close to our family. We had a second son and shortly after, we moved to Ventura, around 1992. We have been residents of Ventura ever since.


My sons attended Portola Elementary, Anacapa Middle School and Foothill High School. While the boys were in school, I was busy volunteering in classrooms, working on the PTA and selling Pampered Chef. Once the boys were in middle school, I started working for the district, first as a para-educator, then as a substitute teacher. I spent several years working at Loma Vista Elementary school, and that is where I did my student teaching.


My oldest son, Robert, graduated from Stanford with a double-major in Biology and Computer Science. He obtained his masters in BioInformatics from UCSF.  He currently lives in San Francisco and works for The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunology.


My younger son, Erik, received a Fine Arts Degree with an emphasis in Professional Photography from Brooks Institute. He currently lives in Ventura and works in Simi Valley for Stillwaters Advertising Agency.  He is going to be married in November 2018.


I also has two dogs, Roxy and Cappy, that I love!



Recent Posts

Barnes and Noble Bookfair/Urban Cafe Fundraiser

Happy Wednesday!  
Just a note to spread the word about the Barnes & Noble Bookfair.  It is this Friday!! If you cannot make it to the store, there is a ID# to shop with online!  This is a great way to get some Christmas shopping out of the way, and support our school.  The ID# is 12393039.  
Friday also happens to be a fundraising night at Urban Cafe, which is just across the parking lot from Barnes & Noble.  You could do some shopping after school, and then hit Urban Cafe for dinner on your way home! 
If you like this idea, be sure to bring your green bookmark to Barnes and Noble, and the Pink flyer to Urban Cafe.  This assures that our school gets the credit.  If you need a copy, you can get one from the office.  Hope to see you there!

Seventh Grade News

Happy Monday Everyone!  This is an exciting week.  The students are getting very excited for the upcoming Pumpkin Bowl on Wednesday.  If you would like to attend, we will start heading out there around 10:15, and the game starts at 10:30.  If you haven't gotten a pink shirt for your students yet, there is still time.  I know Michael's had them for really cheap, and probably Target, too.  They only need to bring the shirt on Wednesday.  They can dress up for Halloween in a costume, and change before the game. I hope to see you there!!

Seventh Grade News

Social Studies - 
Change for Life Baby Bottle Campaign Fundraiser - This fundraiser is just about bringing in any loose change you may have, or a few dollars, even.  It is to raise funds for the local Life Center in Ventura, and will be used to purchase portable cribs, diapers, wipes, and other supplies needed by expectant mothers.  Please send in some change with your student to fill up our class bottle.  This fundraiser is over at the end of this month!

Science News!

STEM Fair - All proposals are due tomorrow, Wednesday 10/24.  They must be signed by parent.  If you have not seen your student's proposal yet,  please check with them for it.  It is important that you know what your student's project is, and that you are willing to give them support for the project.   They may need to go to the store for supplies, or go somewhere to collect data, and they will need you to help them out.  Please make sure that whatever they are planning on, you are on board and willing to help.
Science class - All Grades (6 - 8) will have tests tomorrow.  Please make sure that your student reviews the reading sections online.

Happy Tuesday!

We had a great Art Trek today!  The students had fun drawing whimsical houses.  Their previous work was sent home today.  In the brown envelope, you will find their progress report. Please be sure to contact me if you have any questions.  
Seventh - please study for your Social Studies Quiz tomorrow!
On another subject - Catalina trip next Fall.   In case you weren't aware, last week was the Catalina trip for the eighth grade.  It was wonderful.  The students really loved it.
Here is my thought - I would like to start a recycling program.  This may take some effort, but I would like to use the funds for a bus to take us to Long Beach and back.  Up until now,  we have counted on parent drivers, and that works okay.  However, I always have one or two that need to cancel last minute, and that makes it difficult to get us down there and back.  This year was no exception.  It was during these crazy moments, looking for new drivers,  that I came up with the idea of collecting recycling to pay for a bus (at least part way).  It would be more comfortable and less work for us all.  
I am just in the beginning steps of planning this, so if you have any ideas how we can make this work for next year, please let me know.  I envision the seventh grade class running this.  I would need some parent help to really make this work.  Let me know if you can help out.

Good Afternoon!

Tomorrow will be a non-uniform dress day.  The cost is a dollar, and the theme is sport team.  Wear a jersey or your team's colors.  This is sponsored by the student council.
Sixth grade homework for Science:  Heat and Temperature: Assignment 1.  Answer questions in Notebook.  p. 21  Due Friday (tomorrow)
Seventh grade homework for Science:  Characteristic Properties of Matter  Assignment 1.  p. 21 in Notebook Due Monday. 
Eighth grade homework for Science:  None today.  

Happy Wednesday!

Good Afternoon!  
I wanted to remind everyone that it is noon dismissal this Friday!  Get out and enjoy this beautiful weather we are having.
I also wanted to remind everyone that 7th has PE twice a week.  The days are Wednesday and Friday.  On those days, students need to be in PE Clothes.  If they are in regular uniform, they will lose work habit points.
There will be a Virtus Recertification training on Monday, Sept. 24, from 6 - 7:30.  If you are already certified, but need to update it, this is the time.  You will need to rsvp to the parish.  Please see the newsletter for more info.
Have a great rest of the day!

Happy Monday!

Hello to all my seventh grade parents!  This week looks like it will be full of exciting things.  First up, this Wednesday, Sept. 12 is the first Art Trek training.  If you are interested in helping out with Art Trek, please try to be at this training.  It is from 8:30 to 11:30 in Mulcahey Center. 
Along those lines, our class is still in need of room parents, helpers for parties and for the Auction project.  These are opportunities to invest in your child's school experience, and they really appreciate seeing their parents help out.  Consider volunteering for one of these positions.  
Also, school pictures are on this Thursday.  Students should be in uniform, and have the picture envelope with them.  If you need another one, please let me know.
Have a great evening!

Welcome Back!

Well, I am so excited that we have a full week under our belts, and we have had a smooth start to week 2!  The students are getting back into the groove, and so am I.  I am so happy to be the homeroom this year for Seventh Grade.  We are going to have an amazing year!
We have some homework to take care of today:
Sixth Grade:  
Unit Cover for Unit 1 - Energy
Please complete illustration for Energy on page 10 of your Science Notebook
Seventh Grade:
Science: Complete reading 'Combining and Separating"  on the Discovery website.  Answer the questions at the end and submit.
Social Studies:  Lesson one review questions on page 13 of your text book.  Please complete in your Social Studies notebook
Eighth Grade:  
Complete reading "Thinking about Gravity" on the Discovery website. Answer questions at the end and submit.
Have a great afternoon!  See you tomorrow.