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Our Lady of the Assumption

Mrs. Joy Thompson » Welcome to Third Grade!

Welcome to Third Grade!

The future of America is in our classroom!
Hello! Welcome to Third Grade!
I'm a Southern California girl!  I love my family and living my faith. I recently married and am quickly learning the ways of a being military wife. 
Here are a few of my favorite things:
I love the color green. My favorite thing to eat is pizza, and my two favorite drinks are English Breakfast tea and Coke Zero. Peonies are my favorite flower. I love reading!
I have been teaching for six years, this is my fourth year at OLA. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies at California Lutheran University. I continued my education and received my Master's Degree and California Teaching Credential at Loyola Marymount University.


Recent Posts

Happy Presidents' Day!

Hi Everyone,
Just a few notes as we go into our long weekend:
  • There are no behavior sheets in Friday folders this week!
  • Included in everyone's Friday folder is an information packet about the Book Fair next week! Everyday has a different theme. Tuesday's theme is crazy hat. Please wear your uniform with a crazy hat!
  • There is no school Monday in honor of Presidents' Day.

Weekly Notes for January 22nd

Hello Everyone!
In Tuesday folders this week there are sign up sheets for Friendship Sunday! This is hosted jointly by 3rd and 5th Grade. Please return sign up slips as soon as you are able. Thank you!
Timed tests are going great! We have half of the class done, and the rest of us are quickly catching up. Students should be at 5 or above. Please be sure to continue to study your facts!
Here are the spelling words for this week:
  1. prepaid
  2. midnight
  3. overflow
  4. outdoors
  5. outline
  6. overgrown
  7. prefix
  8. Midwest
  9. pretest
  10. midpoint
  11. outgoing
  12. overtime
  13. overdue
  14. outside
  15. outfield

Challenge Words:

  1. precaution
  2. prediction
  3. midsection
  4. overweight
  5. prehistoric
Have a great week!
Mrs. Thompson

Weekly Notes for January 7th, 2019

Happy New Year Everyone!!
Here are this week's spelling words:
  1. wolves
  2. knives
  3. feet
  4. men
  5. children
  6. women
  7. sheep
  8. heroes
  9. scarves
  10. mice
  11. geese
  12. wives
  13. elves
  14. banjos
  15. halves

Challenge Words:

  1. loaves
  2. beliefs
  3. tomatoes
  4. potatoes
  5. tornadoes
  • There is no school on Monday, January 14th, for a Teacher Inservice.
Have a great week!
Mrs. Thompson

Midweek Notes for December 12th, 2018

Hello Everyone!
I hope everyone is having a great week. Here are a few reminders about events coming up this week and next:
  • This Friday, we're stuffing Mrs. Baloyo's Car!! If you'd like to participate, please bring a new, unwrapped toy to donate for our School and Parish Toy Drive. Toys should be dropped off on your way into school. Thank you!
  • Next Tuesday is a Non-Uniform Dress opportunity. Students are asked to bring in 2 cans of vegetables or 2 cans of fruit to be added to the OLA Parish Food Baskets.
  • Wednesday is our last day before we leave for Christmas Vacation. This is a "free" non-uniform dress day with the theme of "Christmas"! We will dismiss at Noon following our Class Christmas Party. Our Room Moms have been hard at work planning a fantastic celebration for our class!
Have a great rest of your week!
Mrs. Thompson

Notes for the Week of December 10th

Hi Everyone!
Here are this week's spelling words:
  1. thumb
  2. gnaw
  3. written
  4. know
  5. climb
  6. design
  7. wrist
  8. crumb
  9. assign
  10. wrench
  11. knot
  12. wrinkle
  13. lamb
  14. knob
  15. knit


Challenge Words:

  1. wrestler
  2. bologna
  3. cologne
  4. honeycomb
  5. knickknack
  • Friday, December 14th, is a Noon Dismissal for a Faculty Meeting.
  • Keep studying your multiplication facts!
Have a great week!
Mrs. Thompson

Notes for the Week of December 3rd, 2018

Hello Everyone!
We have a busy week this week! The Christmas program is on Thursday! Notes about that are on last week's blog. Students are asked to be at the church by 6:00 pm in costume that evening. Students are also invited to wear their costume to school that day for the 1:00 pm show.
Spelling Words:
  1. beautiful
  2. safely
  3. kindness
  4. finally
  5. spotless
  6. worthless
  7. illness
  8. helpful
  9. daily
  10. suddenly
  11. wireless
  12. quietly
  13. fairness
  14. cheerful
  15. painful

Challenge Words:

  1. anxiously
  2. thoughtfully
  3. cautiously
  4. tardiness
  5. breathless
Have a great week!
Mrs. Thompson

Multiplication Tests!

Hello Everyone!
Just a reminder that timed Multiplication tests will begin on Monday! Study up!
Mrs. Thompson

Notes for the Week of November 26th

Hello Everyone,
I posted the following information to the Homework page, but I wanted to include it here as well:
Christmas Program Information
Our Christmas Program is Thursday, December 6th (Next Week!). The Third Graders have been rehearsing and working hard to perfect their performance.
Mrs. Kewley has asked that the Third Graders wear either all white OR a white top with a black/dark bottom.
More information regarding times will be coming!
Spelling Words:
  1. clock
  2. large
  3. page
  4. mark
  5. kitten
  6. judge
  7. crack
  8. edge
  9. pocket
  10. brake
  11. change
  12. ridge
  13. jacket
  14. badge
  15. orange
Challenge Words
  1. ceiling
  2. advantage
  3. pledge
  4. Kentucky
  5. pencil
***Reminder: Multiplication Timed Tests will begin next Monday! Make sure you're practicing your facts!
Have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Thompson

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Everyone!
Just a reminder that report cards went home today. Please keep the report card at home and send home the envelope with your signature! Thank you!!
I hope that everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! I'll see you all on Monday, November 26th!
Mrs. Thompson

Notes for the Week of November 13th

Hello Everyone!
Here are this week's Spelling Words:
  1. unhappy
  2. recall
  3. disappear
  4. unload
  5. mistake
  6. misspell
  7. dislike
  8. replace
  9. mislead
  10. disagree
  11. rewrite
  12. unroll
  13. unknown
  14. dishonest
  15. react

Challenge Words:

  1. unfortunate
  2. discourage
  3. uncomfortable
  4. recycle
  5. mispronounce
  • There is Noon Dismissal Thursday, Friday, next Monday & Tuesday for Parent Teacher Conferences.
  • Non-Uniform Dress Day Wednesday, 11/14. See Tuesday's Homework post for specifics.
  • Last day to take AR Quizzes for this Trimester is November 14th!

Behavior Logs 11/09/18

Hello Everyone,
There will not be behavior logs in this week's folder!
Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Thompson

Notes for the Week of November 5th

Hi Everyone!
Here are this week's spelling words:
  1. let’s
  2. he’d
  3. you’ll
  4. can’t
  5. I’d
  6. won’t
  7. haven’t
  8. hasn’t
  9. she’d
  10. they’ll
  11. when’s
  12. we’d
  13. should’ve
  14. wasn’t
  15. didn’t

Challenge Words:

  1. they’d
  2. would’ve
  3. could’ve
  4. needn’t
  5. you’ve
  • There is No School on Monday, November 12th in observance of Veterans Day
Have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Thompson

Notes for the Week of October 29th

Hello Everyone!
Here are this week's spelling words:
  1. father
  2. chapter
  3. other
  4. alphabet
  5. watch
  6. English
  7. weather
  8. catch
  9. fashion
  10. shrink
  11. pitcher
  12. flash
  13. athlete
  14. trophy
  15. nephew
  16. northern
  17. establish
  18. emphasis
  19. hyphen
  20. challenge
  • Halloween is Wednesday! Students may wear their costumes or Orange & Black Non-Uniform Dress. Here are guidelines as stated in the News Notes: We ask for parents support in keeping our elementary school celebration of Halloween simple and enjoyable for all. No scary or inappropriate costumes or props may be worn or brought. No masks or face makeup. These do not work at school! Any accessory brought to go with a costume must be appropriate for school – no weapons – and will only be taken out for the special Halloween Activity.
  • Wednesday, October 31st, is a Noon Dismissal!
Have a great week!
Mrs. Thompson

Notes for the Week of October 23rd

Hello Everyone!
Here are the weekly spelling words:
1. splash
2. throw
3. three
4. square
5. scream
6. strike
7. street
8. split
9. splurge
10. thrill
11. strength
12. squeak
13. throne
14. scratch
15. squeeze
Challenge Words:
16. squid
17. squander
18. arthritis
19. instrument
20. strategy
  • We will have Art Trek Wednesday afternoon. Please contact Mrs. Barker with any questions.
  • Be sure to turn in your RSVP's and food order for Movie Night!
Have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Thompson

Notes for the Week of October 15

Happy Monday Everyone!
We will begin multiplication tomorrow! I think the Third Graders are very excited!
Spelling Words
  1. sunglasses
  2. football
  3. homework
  4. haircut
  5. popcorn
  6. railroad
  7. snowstorm
  8. earring
  9. scarecrow
  10. blueberry
  11. butterflies
  12. lawnmower
  13. campground
  14. sandbox
  15. toothbrush

Challenge Words:

  1. thumbtack
  2. earthquake
  3. scrapbook
  4. courthouse
  5. whirlpool
Have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Thompson