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Help support our school simply by using gift cards where you're already shopping. It's easy, rewarding, and fits perfectly into your busy life. 


How it works Buy physical gift cards, eGift Cards, and reloadable gift cars at  face value on or the mobile website,


Easily pay online and earn a rebate between 2% and 16% that immediately goes toward funding our school.


Start earning today: 

  1. Join our program by creating an account on or

  2. Enter our organization's enrollment code: Call Office for code

  3. Link your bank account to enroll in online payments and place your first order.

Have a question Contact our coordinator - Gina (805) 642-7198


Easily order and earn on-the-go with our mobile website

  • Set up online payments: Log in with your existing ShopWithScrip account to link your bank account instantly.

  • Order all card types; Order physical gift cares, reloads, and eGift cards

  • Find your favorites- Use filters to search, and add partners to your Favorites for quick access.

  • More ways to pay - Pay for your orders online or by check.


New to Start earning today!

  1. Go to and sign in with your existing ShopWithScrip account. If you don't have a ShopWithScrip account yet, you can enroll on with our organization's enrollment code: call the office for code

  2. Link your bank account to enroll in online payments. 

  3. Place your order and watch the learning add up.

Have a question Contact our coordinator - Gina (805) 642-7198

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