Images of Jesus and the disciples at his Accension
Words - Season of Eastertide on a background of a hilltop
Three cross  on a pastel background  with the words The Great 50 days of Easter
OLA Dinner Auction
Eastertide on background of sunlight through trees
words Triduum. Images chalice bread, hand nailed on cross, Jesus walking out of tomb
Crown of thorns with candles
purple cross  on words of forgiveness
purple heart made of seeds with cross, palm frond, crown of thorns
Lent  Pray, Fast, Serve.  On a purple background
the word cheerfulness on a bright yellow background
the word  cheerfulness  in a background of daffodils
small boat on water at sunset
clipart children holding up a roof
kids support church roof with cross
Fidelity definition
happy new year fireworks
Three Advent Candles lit hope, peace, & joy
two advent candles labeled hope and peace