Have a great Summer Vacation with clipart kids on the words
Celebrate Ordinary Time on a green background
Ordinary time background forest at sunrise
Ordinary Time
Eastertide with a maze background
Desert with Eastertide in the horizon
Eastertide on a sunset forest background
Maze design with Eastertide in the Center
Holy Week symbols
the word Lent in the desert
Cross with purple landscape  as background
words describing Lent - transformation,  Gospel, caring, Grace, Alms
crown of thorns on purple background with candles in the back.
Week 1 of Lent . Pray. Fast. Serve.
Tree with hearts Happy Valentine's Day
Tree shaped like a heart with leaves shaped like hearts
Catholic Schools Week 2024 with logo
Catholic Schools
MLK   inspirational art: red bird on branch; flower in pot; rainbow
Happy New Year Blessing with  snow background and candle foreground